Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Learning Through Serving

This is the second time I teach in the CI. I was very sick and not comfortable last year. But thank God, I didn’t catch a cold this year. Teaching in CI is a difficult task for me, but I still chose to do it this year. My mom asked me why do I want to join CI for the second time. I told her that because I can help the kids get to know Christianity more, and I really love children. Last but not least, I actually learn a lot when I prepare and teach the curriculum.

This week, the people who have been the assistants the past few weeks are now team leaders. I am one of them, so I am a little bit nervous because I have to be in charge of a team. I pray to God to give me wisdom. And I know that He won’t give me any task that I can't handle. Please pray for the first time team leaders this week.

This CI is the last one for this year and some of the teachers have been taught for three weeks. Please pray that they won’t get bored and that they will have enough energy. Some of our teachers are not feeling well today, please pray for their health.

Becky Liu

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