Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Excitement of a Child

This is the second time for me to serve as an interpreter in the CI. As my week here began, I soon noticed how different everything here is compared to my regular life. My daily routine totally changed after entering college as no longer did everyone around me know about Jesus.

In our morning team devotional time here at the CI, I realized that it was a long time since I had laid down my work and put aside private time for God. I guess God had noticed that too and had brought me to the CI to be reminded of that. Putting aside time for God also reminds me to let Him control my life, instead of scrutinising my every thought and action. I received the same message when spending time with other CI teachers, “We can make our dreams come true, but that’s our dreams, not God’s. They may not be as good as His dreams for us.” It is just so important to let God control our lives!

Building relationships with kids in the CI is another challenge for me. Each of them requires attention and love but there are only three of us teachers on the team. Right from the start, it was difficult to hold their attention while at the same time demonstrating God’s love to them. I was so busy interpreting and helping the kids that I barely had time to answer in full sentences.

But just like God has created each of us different, there are many ways to convey His love. Whether it is teaching the kids to memorize a Bible verse, helping them to complete their crafts or answering their questions, God can move their hearts through each little action. I remember a kid bouncing up and down and laughing after watching me act in a skit, saying “I knew it! You were in the skit, right?” To be honest, I didn't remember seeing that little girl before, but God made her approachable for me. Her excitement filled me with thankfulness and joy and I was reminded of the amazing opportunity with have here to pour our lives into the children.

Anne Kuo

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