Sunday, January 24, 2016

Showing God's Love

This CI was my first time acting and interpreting at the same time. I was really nervous at first, but later in the story it got interesting. I learned that it is really hard to multitask and I am not very good at multitasking.

I enjoyed acting and interpreting the story because these stories can change lives and they make the kids happy. This year is my first time to help with the CI. But I had plenty of experience helping in other camps. As opposed to other camps, the CI is full of love not only from the teachers but also from our mighty God.

At other camps in Taiwan, I couldn't be very loving to the children. I had to be very strict at those camps but the CI is different. Here, I can love the children and discipline them in a loving way. So instead of yelling at them, I just put my arms around them to help them pay attention.

One highlight of the first CI was a three year old boy who acted like a real wolf when we played the game “What is the time, Mr. Wolf?” as part of the lesson about Jesus being the Door of the sheep. The little boy held up his hands and pretended to have claws. He chased all the kids around but he didn't catch any because he was too excited about being the wolf. It was adorable!

Also during this CI, snow slowly came down from the sky. It was the first time I saw snow in Taiwan. It was breathtaking. I'm am so blessed to have this opportunity to see God working in the kids.

Pictures in this post are courtesy of: Tracy Chang

Thomas Liao

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