Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pray For Us!

The trip has just begun but it has already been a great experience. It all has been pretty much new to me with it being the first time overseas and the first time doing the Children's Institute. But in everything I've been doing I feel as if someone has been there just to teach me a new word or just to lend a hand.
I feel so blessed being around so many wonderful people. I have seen God at work through this trip and in the people around me. I know He is the only one that could have arranged this and made it run so smoothly.

One of the things we all really need is prayer. Pray for us teachers, that we would have wisdom while teaching the children. Pray for the leaders that they would have wisdom in arranging this conference. And pray for the children that their hearts would be open to learn more about Christ.

Daniel Fedoriw

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