Thursday, January 21, 2016

Impact: Are We Making A Difference?

It is the small things in life that can make an impact on someone forever! Tonight, I pointed out that one of the kids had a penguin on his shirt and he picked up the little penguin fin that hung from his shirt and waved it at me. It was so precious! The joy that kid passed on to me with his little penguin wave, caused me smile and that smile lasted for the rest of the night.

Impacting people isn’t only about what you say or do; it is about how you make the other person feel. Children are especially good at remembering how you made them feel, because moments in their youth could impact them the rest of their lives.

Today, we were discussing teachers that impacted us in our past and I was surprised by how many teachers at CI were actually impacted by their CI teachers in the past. I thought “Wow! I get to have the same chance to make that kind of impact on my students this week.” This actually made me a little nervous, but 1 John 3:18 reminded me that actions speak louder than words:“Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other let us show the truth by our actions.”. 

I want to love the kids at CI not only with my words but also with my actions. I am so excited that I get to point these kids towards the truth this week. I know God loves and has big plans for each one of my students!

Joanna Glenn

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