Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Loving for Jesus

I wasn't able to hold my tears once I landed in Taiwan because God had made one of the biggest desires of my heart come true: come to Asia. This past couple of weeks has been beyond awesome! The people here are so nice, the food is great, the weather is perfect, and the CI's are really cool. I'm very impressed of how the whole CI has been organized and planned. We first start our day reading the word of God and worshiping Him. Later, CI leaders divide us into groups where we get to teach kids about the power of God. We also get to do crafts with the kids; it's so much fun!

This is my first CI and I can honestly say I was very nervous about meeting the kids on the first day. As I prayed throughout the day before the camp started, I asked God to use me and to do His will. The camp started and the first 2 kids (siblings) that came into the classroom stole my heart! As the week passed by, I began to get close to them. They constantly asked me for hugs and to sit them on my lap. Throughout that week I realized that in Taiwanese culture, people aren't very touchy or affectionate. Which made me think: if they aren't that affectionate, then why do these kids ask for so many hugs and so much attention? Then I remembered what I had being praying all week long before the camps started. Perhaps this is what God called me her for - to express the love He has for us.

 On the last day of camp, it was very hard to say goodbye. I gave them both the longest and strongest hug I have ever given; as I hugged the two kids, I prayed for them and I blessed them. The kids left: I know I'll probably never see them again, but they have a special place in my heart. Since I won't be there to hug them daily anymore, every night I pray and ask God to be with them.  I pray that they may be able to encounter the love of God in a whole different level.

 I've honestly been enjoying every single second I spend with the kids at CI. They are very loving and their desire to learn more about God is incredible. I'm beyond thankful with the Lord for bringing me here. I love Taiwan, I love CI, I love my leaders, and I love serving God and being part of this ministry!

Damaris Morales

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