Sunday, February 1, 2015

His Might, Not Mine

What an amazing, no, awesome week it has been with the first CI week here in Hsinchu! On Tuesday, the team spent the entire day in a little town called Neiwan. We had lunch, a basic orientation and then had some free time to explore and try some the town’s special foods! Several members of the team also got to experience some the local wildlife after spending some time by the river, only to discover that they had brought back some leeches with them. :) That night we took some time and prayed at the gate of the city and asked God to bless our time with the kids and empty ourselves to be filled with Him.

This first week of teacher training was very intensive as many of the teachers where preparing to teach their very first CI. The staff had also prepared a brand new curriculum for us to teach and I didn’t realize until after the first night how stretching it was going to be for me. You see it was two years ago this month that I had the privilege of heading to Taiwan to help teach my first overseas CI. It was a great time to experience a whole new culture and to work with children, while dealing with a language barrier. God gave strength through that whole time and it went over more smoothly then I could have ever planned.

As we began our first week this year I looked forward to see what God was going to do! However, when the first night ended, it seemed like I was hitting a brick wall. I felt like I wasn’t connecting with the kids and that I was always tripping over myself while trying to teach the lesson. The next morning during my devotions the Lord showed me that had been relying more on my own abilities and not wholly on Him. I dedicated myself and my CI team to Him anew and that evening it was like a whole 180 degrees difference from the night before. It was God’s small reminder to me that I need to trust Him 100% of the time!

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Pro. 3:5-6
Nathan Corduan

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