Sunday, February 2, 2014

He is Good

It doesn't come with a boom or a bang but in the quiet stillness, there it is - an overwhelming sense of the Lord's goodness. I love coming back to Taiwan for this reason. When I hear the children's beautiful voices singing The Blessing at parent presentation, when we have worship times together as a team, when I stand on a black sand beach and look out on the pacific ocean, I can't really explain the special feeling of God's faithfulness that comes over me!

Taiwan is truly an amazing country. Not surprisingly, there are many things that make it unique but what I love the most is the children here! At our last seminar in Kaohsiung, the children would peek into the staff room and try to coax us to come out to play with them during dinner breaks. When I started an impromptu game of red light, green light with about 20 of them, they were so enthusiastic that I got knocked over and the chair I was sitting on broke! I can't think of anywhere else where the children are more innocent, more curious about us, and more eager to learn. They have a special place in my heart!

Six sets of sisters on the beach in Hualien

This year, we have had a pretty tight schedule with few days of rest. It has been such a blessing to see everyone still cheerful and willing to serve despite that. Another challenge has been having a smaller team of teachers and on top of that having teachers become sick! Everyone has been doing double duty. We are so thankful, though, that most have since gotten better.

Tomorrow, we'll be flying to Hong Kong! It's going to be exciting to be in a new country that most of us have not visited before. We will be working with a different culture and kids from a different background. The schedule for the Children's Institute here will also be longer than usual. Pray for stamina for the teachers, pray that communication barriers will be broken down and pray that we would be focused on giving God glory in everything!

Jolynn Tan

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