Thursday, January 16, 2014

We are Here!

We are finally here in Taichung, Taiwan! It was an adventure getting here, and definitely a time of firsts for me. My first 13 hour plane ride, my first time out of the USA, and my first time through customs! In Chicago I met up with three other girls on my team. From there, we flew to Tokyo, Japan, and then on to Taipei, Taiwan. On the long trip over, we each shared how God had allowed us to come on the trip. Listening to the other girls' stories of how God had worked out for them to come and the miracles that He performed was awesome! God clearly meant for all of us to be here.

My own story of how I was able to come on this trip shows God's goodness. I found out a month before the trip started that I had been accepted. My family and I were excited, but scared - how were we going to raise the money for the trip? I tried to believe that God would provide, but it was hard sometimes. In the end, God abundantly provided! He kept pouring forth His provision through my friends and church family. If God wants something to happen, no barrier is too big.

Thank you for your prayers as we begin this trip. As you pray, please keep the entire team lifted up in prayer as we go into our first seminar here in Taiwan tomorrow. Between the jet lag, the language barrier, and working with a brand new team, the challenges are many, but God is greater.

Victoria Suich