Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Potter And The Clay

A fun night at the market!

Since this is the first time I have ever worked with CI, I have really enjoyed getting to interact with so many children from various corners in Taiwan. Not only that, but I have also gotten to meet many interpreters and teachers from various corners of the world! Indeed, last Thursday while teaching at the CI in Taichung, I had one of the best experiences of my entire life.

I was acting in a story/skit about a broken pot, in which I was the potter. The story talks about how a lump of clay dreamed of being transforming into a beautiful vase. After the potter found the lump of clay by a stream one day, he made the lump of clay into just a plain flowerpot. This made the clay very sad, because it would never be admired by everyone for it's beauty. The clay felt so rejected, because it was passed over by everyone who came to buy from the potter. One day, however, the bible character Gideon came and bought the pot. He used that pot to cover his torch on the night he attacked the Midianites, and ultimately brought victory for Israel. That night, the clay learned an important lesson about suffering.

Skits with Tim are never boring:-)

Sometimes God will take us through many struggles and trials in our life, but there is a specific purpose God has for each of us. There are no mistakes with God, and the least significant things or people are usually the ones who are willing to be used for the greatest victory. Even though my acting was imperfect and kind of embarrassing at times, God showed me through this skit that he has reason for all the suffering that we go through in our lives.

Thank you all for your prayers as we continue this journey. It has been a life changing trip for many of us so far, and there is still so much left! As we look forward in the rest of the trip, please join with us now in prayer for the Hong Kong seminars and Children's Institute. Even though it is still several weeks away, it is a special conference because we will be reaching a new audience that has not attended the seminars before. So we are praying that God will begin even now to prepare our hearts and the hearts of those coming so that God can change peoples lives drastically for the better!

Cher Zhao

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