Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Father's Love

On the last day of the Kaoshiung CI, I asked God to show me His love. I wanted to see His love in a new way. I wanted to feel theoverwhelming joy of His love. I knew if I asked Him to show me He would. I was excited to see the way in which He desired to love me that day. After my prayer, I went about my day nearly forgetting about my request. As the end of the day drew near, I felt the prompting of God to share my journey to freedom with my kids. I didn't want to. I thought sharing the story of Christ would be more powerful than the story of my life, but I decided to obey His voice.

Who should I take a picture of?

As I began to share, I felt Christ use my mouth to speak to the children. When I finished sharing, all the children were wide eyed. A few of them were even in tears. A handful of them prayed to receive Christ as their Lord. Once I was finished, my assistant took the children to the next event and I stayed back to talk to one girl. This little girl looked petrified. She told me she was afraid she was sinking into a pit without God. I shared with her the hope and freedom Christ gives. I then asked her if she wanted this freedom. She eagerly said yes and we then prayed. As soon as we finished, the fear vanished from her eyes and a laugh escaped her mouth. The girl was free! I have never seen that dramatic of a transformation. It was the most beautiful thing.

At the end of the night, God reminded me of my prayer. Tears whelmed in my eyes as I realized God had used little me to bring freedom to multiple people in on night. It was at that moment that I felt the power if His love. The answer to my simple prayer has left my heart full of joy. Please be in prayer for the team as we rest in beautiful Haulian and celebrate Chinese New Year tomorrow. Also, please pray for my children who received Christ. Taiwan is a very dark country, and they can easily be led away from their new relationship with Christ.

Grace Lukachick

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