Sunday, January 26, 2014

From Student To Teacher

Parent Presentation for the Taipei Children's Institute

When I was a little boy I participated in Children's Institute and really enjoyed it. As I got older, I didn't really know why I enjoyed CI so much. I couldn't figure it out. But having been able to work with CI again this year, for the first time in many years, I have finally realized why I enjoyed it so much. It's because here the atmosphere is full of love.

Innocent children come here to learn. The teachers have a great responsibility, and always do their very best to help the kids understand the principles that are taught. But so many things are not in our control. One second, a child will be smiling at you, the next time you look, they are in tears. It's always hard working with children, because there are so many problem we as teachers and leaders have to deal with. But thank God, He is always there to help us understand and give us wisdom to solve each issue that arises. Through working with the CI team this year, I learned once again how important it is to be resilient and flexible.

I thank God that he put such a cute group of kids on my team this last week. Please keep them in your prayers, that the seeds that were planted in their hearts while here at CI will continue to grow. Also, we had some amazing testimonies of at least 6 kids giving their lives to Jesus at the seminar in Taipei, so please pray for them as well, that they will begin to learn more what it means to be like Jesus. Finally, Kaohsiung's seminar is beginning tomorrow, and will be a whirlwind seminar, so please for the the teachers and assistants, that God will give them enough strength, wisdom, and creativity to make it another successful week.

Tony Huang

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