Saturday, January 18, 2014

Do You Have Faith Like A Centurion?

"If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself." 2 Timothy 2:13

The story of the centurion with a sick servant who asked Jesus to heal with only His word has been a story that I've reflected and meditated on quite a bit over the years. Jesus often commented on the amount of faith in those who asked for a healing work, but the centurion is one who Jesus specifically pointed out and used to rebuke the lack of faith in many Israelites.

What made the centurion different? I have a theory. The people of Israel wanted Jesus to constantly prove He was the Christ. They discussed the fulfillment of prophecy in His life and noted each of His works. However, the people we find Jesus helping, and noting their faith, are not the wise and noteworthy. Many were poor beggars and hopeless cripples, and many were not Israelites. But one thing they almost all did was ask to be healed. I don't think its simply a matter of asking, but asking in faith knowing that He can and wants to answer. Both of these are a part of faith.

This is where I struggle most. I think if I can work up enough faith, I can force God to move on my behalf. But I've got it all wrong. God is already on my side. Look at 2 Timothy 2! God never changes. How do I doubt His goodness? He cannot be unfaithful. On that rock, all the waves of doubt may crash and fade away, for He will not be changed. He can make this faithless heart filled with the faith that is His very self. As we finish up the last day of the CI here in Taichung tomorrow, please pray that we will know our God and will not be afraid to make him known to those around us.

Anna Lukachick

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