Friday, February 1, 2013

Taipei CI - Day 3

The guys were able to sleep in this morning and we eventually trickled into breakfast at 9:00am.  We had accountability groups today which all met between 10 and 11 am.  I am a part of Kayla’s team, and we went to a small park where we had quiet time with the Lord. Afterward, we went to a nice Chinese restaurant where we discussed another name of God, Jehovah Nissi. We ate a great meal and I got involved in a very passionate discussion on the Battles of Gettysburg and Antietam with Alex Roth.  We also discussed the tendency of Southern soldiers to accidentally shoot their good generals while the North excelled at keeping incompetent generals in office. 

After lunch we went to the beautiful university where we were holding the Children’s Institute that day and had training with David Lukachick on teaching tips to use with the children on our teams.  Then we had a break during which Alex, Nick, and I went to a pond, which Nick had found on campus, and spent a few minutes enjoying the scenery while Alex softly played the guitar.  After break, we took a group photo of the entire team and then we had prep time and then dinner.
At 6 pm the kids started to arrive.  The principle for the day was Authority with lessons on the name of God Adonai, and on the character quality - Justice.   At the end of the evening we packed up all of our stuff for the C. I. and for the Basic seminar because we had to switch locations in the morning.  We took the bus back to the hostel and the IBLP Taiwan headquarters where we are staying.  When we got back to our rooms the guys did laundry and some of them (Alex) proceeded to complain about how hungry we (he) were (was).  After we did laundry and Alex had eaten everybody’s spare granola bars, we proceeded to go to sleep thus ending the day.

If you could please pray for Jessica Koehler’s family, her uncle passed away today rather suddenly. Pray that our team would be able to support her during this time, and that God would be her Comforter!

Stuart Morrow

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