Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hualien CI - Day 2

The sound of waves muffled the whispers of two tired but chatty girls. No matter how draining the day, it seems that the tongue always finds a way to remain active when all other faculties fail. It began with questions about showering times, stories from back home, and a healthy dose of laughter. This conversation, however, was anything but ordinary. It quickly changed from small talk to God talk. By 2:00 in the morning, I stood with my roommate Jessica on the balcony, soaking in the sheer goodness of the Lord, reveling in His love, and giddy at the fact that He was my Beloved.

At the past three seminars, I have had the opportunity to teach the children about love. I have demonstrated through object lessons that if we are to show love to others, we must be first be filled with God's love. I taught these lessons with confidence, even with excitement. Yet, in the chaos of the every day, I've underestimated the importance of being filled with His love first. I've sought to give love when I've been running on empty. I've complained of mental and emotional exhaustion, forgetting that I had access to the restoring love of my El Shaddai, my All-Sufficient One, my Jesus. Today, however, I lacked physical rest but possessed a well-rested and love-filled spirit. As I taught my lesson this evening, I could feel His Spirit working in me. I found joy in the small things. Hearing the same CI songs and watching the same lessons, I didn't feel the effects of the monotony. The lethargy didn't settle in. Instead, I spent what should have been a tiring evening feeling renewed in purpose and joy.

When I came on this trip, I expected to minister. I planned to serve and pour myself out to the children of Taiwan; yet, what I have discovered is that I am my own mission field. Yes, I came on this trip to serve. Yes, I desire to make an impact on others. But, as I have been working to accomplish these ends, I've been ignorant of the fact that I am, in fact, being impacted. While I've been consumed with my feeble attempts at teaching, the great Teacher has been working in my heart. While I've sought to explain love, the Source and Manifestation of that love has been leading me to a greater understanding of the depths of His love for me.

As we finish this last seminar, as the last steps of this journey are taken, please be in prayer for our team. Pray that God will not allow us to return to our daily lives unchanged. May He continue to reveal Himself to us and, in turn, reveal Himself to those whom we serve.

Leah Heard

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