Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Taipei CI - Day 1

The first day of each conference holds a special air of anticipation. While we set up the rooms and prepare the lessons, we wonder how many children will be on our teams and what they will be like. Anything is possible.

Starting off today, we dedicated this week of teaching to Christ. Knowing that not everything will go according to plan, but that God is in control and we are simply here to glorify HIM and not to reinforce our own self worth.

These past two weeks have shown me just how much this trip is about God and not about me… I have learned I have to be helpless. Actually, I should say, I have learned that I need to admit my helplessness. It seems that I can do nothing here on my own. Whether it be teaching the children, or handing out name tags, I need someone else’s help. In the same way, if I hope to convey God’s truth to the children I cannot do it without His wisdom and strength.

I have to be helpless in God’s hands in order for Him to help me.

As we continue on this week with this viewpoint, we would really appreciate your prayers for the young adult meeting being held on Thursday afternoon. I am really excited for this opportunity to impact these students at such an important time in their life, so wisdom and sensitivity to the Spirit will be greatly needed!


Jessica Koehler

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