Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kaohsiung CI - Day 1

I came as a messenger of Christ to Taiwan; but on my own I could not proclaim His message, because my hearers are Mandarin speaking children. I knew I would have a translator, but I never imagined that my translators would be so skilled and that speaking through a translator would actually be so helpful for my own thinking process. Most of the children in my team in HsinChu could speak English, but here in Kaohsiung the English comprehension is not as high. Relating to these children directly is a huge challenge, but seeing their eyes light up with understanding as a message is conveyed through our translators is a priceless treasure. The highlight of my day was seeing how quickly the children on my team understood the difficult concept of justice as my assistant, Nick, told them a creative story through Elisha, our fabulous translator.

The children learn five songs during the week, all of which are taught in Chinese; my favorite is entitled “The Banner of Your Name” in the song the children sing about the seven names of God we are teaching them. This song is my favorite because even though there is a major language barrier we are all joined together in the same tongue while we sing about the One who brought us together—our Elohim, our Adonai, our El Roi, our Jehovah Raah, our El Shaddai, and our Jehovah Tsidkenu. 

Pray for the children to be open and receptive this week - allowing the truths from the Scripture they're memorizing and songs they're learning to sink into their hearts and minds; and pray for each one of us to exemplify Christ through our words and actions, each moment of the day! Thank you!

Rebecca Morgan

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