Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hsinchu CI - Day 2

Today was our first and longest full CI day of the entire trip. Things got going around 7:45 when we hopped on the bus to Northgate Holy Christian Church. After quickly eating a delicious breakfast of seaweed-wrapped rice, chicken, and vegetables, we reported to our respective team stations.

Children began arriving at 8:30. As in typical CI fashion, we alternated small group time and large group time until 6:00 pm with a lunch break at noon. Some of my favorite parts of the day included one-on-one interactions with the kids on my team. During one craft time, I was helping a young boy on my team when he started jabbering away in Chinese. When I only responded in a blank stare, another girl on the team quickly said to him, “Ta ting bu dong” (“She doesn’t understand”). When I nodded and voice the affirmative, “Wo ting bu dong” (“Yes, I don’t understand”), they erupted in laughter.

 One of the names of God we studied with the children today was El Roi, "the God who sees."  This characteristic of God doesn’t simply mean that God sees us when we sin, although that is true.  We learned that this name of God also means that God looks after and takes care of His children.  We studied the character quality of love, and what it means to truly love by giving to others without considering our own personal desires.  When I traded several hand-decorated “love stickers” with the kids on my team, I found myself praising Jesus that love transcends culture.

Thank you to all who are faithfully praying for us.  God has been answering by giving us supernatural energy, enthusiasm, and love for the Taiwanese people.  Please continue to pray for quick healing of a few members who are still battling colds.  Please also pray for us to be able to sense the spiritual needs of the children.  Regardless of the level of verbal communication I can have with the children on my team, He is still the only One Who is able to transform a heart.  While part of me desperately wishes I could speak Mandarin fluently tomorrow, I am learning that in this “weakness,” God is showing Himself strong.

Kayla Hills

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