Friday, February 3, 2012

Thai-wan Food = Yummy!

Today, I woke up not knowing what the day ahead would be like and what God had in store for me to learn. I quickly got into our CI teacher attire and headed to breakfast. Afterwards, we had our usual devotions & personal quiet time. After our morning plans, we walked to a nearby restaurant for lunch. It was a surprise to me what we were going to be having.

When we arrived at the restaurant, I found out we were having Thai food! The Thai food we ate was great and it was one of the best foods that has tasted like home in the past three weeks! The main reason was because I was not used to the Taiwanese food, even though I live in Asia [Singapore], and our food is quite similar compared to western culture, so I was very happy to have something that tasted very much like my own. In the end, Taiwanese food tastes quite delicious & is unique in taste - especially the 'Stinky Tofu.' :)

Josiah Tan

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