Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Killer Wasabi!

Today began with an early start at 5:55 in the morning. Wei Wei, Katie N., and Mary B., and myself all cooked breakfast this morning. We made scrambled eggs with toast for everyone. 

Later that morning, all the CI teachers had the opportunity to make banana rice at a local Aboriginal tribe - the Taroko people. As you could probably guess, the key ingredients are bananas & rice. We mixed these two items together in a bowl, wrapped them in a banana leaf, tying the ends with string. The village ladies then cooked them to perfection. 

For lunch, the tribe prepared a huge feast for us. It was during that meal that I had my first experience with "Killer Wasabi." Unknown to me at the time, was the fact that you are only supposed to use a very small amount of the sauce. I loaded up an onion with as much as I could and had the surprise of my life!!! I thought my head would explode, and that the hair in my nose would disintegrate. I fear my taste buds will never be quite the same. After my run into that killer sauce; we had the chance to hike up part of a mountain to take in the fabulous view. Although it was an amazing sight, it does not compare with my memory of that first experience with Wasabi! 

Aaron Vaughn

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