Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Green Tortillas & Adventures in Tainan

The first day of Taiwan met us very late in the morning after extremely long hours of traveling. Those who were not frightened at the sight of green tortillas filled with eggs and corn enjoyed a delicious new kind of breakfast.

After a quick briefing and  lunch we headed out to see some sights of Tainan. The first place was an old house with trees growing throughout, a fascinating attraction. Following this we made our way to a street market filled with all sorts of trinkets and colorful objects to catch the eye and empty the wallet. The afternoon quickly flew by as we continued to see more of the city and culture, and getting to know each other with children's games in a park. Finally we stopped at a western restaurant filled with a sea of giant stuffed animals and rainbow covered walls. To say the least the food was delicious.

Overall, the first day was a wonderful greeting to us foreigners hungry for adventure and new sights, ready to tackle a country full of smiling faces and needy hearts.

Andrew Lukachick

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