Monday, January 23, 2012

A Day of Traveling.

Yay! Chinese New Year's Eve!!! We got to sleep in, which was a very refreshing sleep; especially after eating a bug the night before! Haha! We packed up and had an ICIC [International Children's Institute Church] service. Then we loaded up in our bus (which is pretty big, and MUCH larger than a 15 passenger van!) and embarked on our journey to Hualien!

While on the bus we talked and talked, played some games, slept, and talked some more!! We made a couple of stops along the way so we could feel the breeze of the China Sea and the feel the Pacific Ocean on our feet. Well, at least some of us did!

We eventually stopped and had a wonderful, special dinner that was called in ahead of time by our very kind driver, John! The dinner was made up of rice chicken, cuttle fish, seaweed and a whole bunch of other stuff. We arrived safe and sound sometime after dark and got settled into the school where we are staying & teaching at this week! It was a long, but very good day!

God has really blessed me with a ton of patience to adjust to this different culture; and in learning to work with interpreters thus far! It has been amazing to see what God has done in the past week! I'm excited to see what He'll do these coming weeks!!
Lillie Elliot

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