Thursday, October 27, 2011

The 2012 CI trip is coming!

Here is our 2012 seminar promotional poster!

For those of you at unable to read Chinese, the tagline at the bottom says, “Who is willing to stand in the gap?” It is a reminder that God is looking for people who will live according to His ways, and the need to stand firm, even when society is pulling the people around us away from what is right.

The two cities listed on the poster are:

Tainan: January 17-21
Taipei: January 31-February 4

In addition, in the week between our two seminars, we will also be going to Hualien to hold a camp for children from smaller, underprivileged communities at a school. Last year was the first time we held a CI in Hualien, and it was a joy for all of our teachers being able to teach the children there.

For those who are not currently in Taiwan, and who are interested in coming as teachers, I’d encourage you to apply ASAP, because last year we had to turn some people away. Please contact the International Department at IBLP Headquarters for more information.

For those of you who are in Taiwan, I will be releasing more information about how to apply very soon.

Also, this coming year happens to be the FIFTEENTH year we are holding Children’s Institutes in Taiwan! Because of this, I wanted to take extra time in the preparation to think about where the CI has come from, how the CIs have changed over the years, and the future direction of the Taiwan CIs. To help crystalize my thoughts, I’ll be writing periodic blogs about the various random questions, ideas, and critiques that I have about the ministry.

If you have been involved in the CI ministry in the past, I’d love if you would follow along, and join in the discussion. Also, please keep the trip in your prayers.

Timothy Chen