Thursday, February 10, 2011

Starting Off Grand

Being here in Hsinchu is just another reminder of God’s everlasting, non-wavering love. This being our very last week of the whole CI trip, I am so very thankful for all God has done in the children’s lives and our lives. I have met so many amazing people on this trip. But God is not done working yet! How can I express all the treasured memories made for today?

Well, we started our day with a wisdom search in 2 Samuel chapter 7 led by Simon. I was very encouraged by his testimony he shared. After wisdom search we were able to meet and fellowship with all the new interpreters! And get to know and work with our new team assignments. I’m so thankful for my awesome leader, Yvonne Chiang, and for my amazing co-workers Daniel Wright and Sylvia Chow! We began our first CI here at around 6:45pm and it started off grand.

The children started piling in, they are all so sweet and precious. Witnessing first hand how God can work in people’s lives just makes me rejoice in how big our God really is. We are half way across the world and God is still showing His mighty hand. God has really taught me a lot about having faith in Him. I’ve made so many clay men and patience pencils these past weeks that I’m pretty sure I could do it in my sleep :-) On our way out of the church where the CI is held, we all go cookies. And then we headed out to our bus to travel back to our rooms to get a somewhat restful sleep and start the day all over again in the morning! All in all it was a very successful 1st day. Praise God for His faithfulness!

In Christ’s love and mine,
Madelyn Adams

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