Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Day Indescribable

There is so much to write about, but not enough words to describe it all!

Hualien is amazing! Our first CI here was AWESOME! The children are amazing. They are so sweet and they have such big hearts. When you smile at them and they smile back there is a love that just shines through them.

Before getting to Hualien we were told that the children would be a little crazier than normal. So we prayed that God would take our expectations and destroy them. When CI started and the children arrived we were blown away at how awesome the kids were. God had taken our expectations and destroyed them. One of my favorite times of the is Wisdom Search. When our whole group comes together to worship our wonderful God. It is awesome to come together in unity and praise God for His mercy and goodness to us.

In Wisdom Search we are studying the life of David, and one thing that has constantly been sticking out to me is David's dedication to God.How he lived for God and was so focused on Him. He "lived to the hilt every situation he believed to be the will of God." (Jim Elliot) It reminds me to live for God with everything I have. Hold nothing back.

I am stoked to see what the Lord has planned for the rest of this trip. He has already been so amazing. It's going to be so great there isn't a word to describe it! haha :)

Laura Jackson

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