Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Caffeine in Our Coffee

From jumpy kids to crispy foods, to unusual amount of energy, today was filled with diverse and exciting experiences. The CI started started early in the morning with excited kids arriving as early as 8:30. I quickly tired of channeling their energy into a push-up competition, which turned out to be less than successful. Throughout the day, two cute kids would frequently give me the biggest hugs and constantly long to play games with me. To see the kid's love and sweet affection is always worth the long hours and frustration at naughty kids. It is so encouraging to see the kids go from picking at each other's name tags and chatting with their buddies to listening with unblinking eyes and eager hearts as I explained how Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. Their curiosity for truth and longing for hope is the caffeine in our coffee that wakes us up and gets us pumped for the day. I must keep reminding myself that although I am just a crazy American, although I can only say ten phrases in Chinese, although my best work is only dirty rags, God can still use this inadequate soul for it's kingdom and glory.

In Christ Alone,
Andrew Lukachick

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