Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taipei Day 1

I woke up this morning and looked out my 8th floor window to see my first view of Taipei in the daylight. I was really excited! Today was the first day of Taiwan CI training. I began the day eating breakfast with chopsticks and shortly after we had our wisdom search. We will be studying the life of David throughout the trip. After the teacher orientation we had an intro. Chinese lesson. I spent most of the time confused about why my mouth wasn't producing the same sounds as our teacher. After eating a delicious bowl of noodles and beef we went on a field trip to the International Floral Expo in Taipei. While we were there we played a game and each of us had to ask a random person how to pronounce various objects. The catch was that we had to employ our newly acquired Mandarin skills. That was a lesson in humility and respect (at least for me). Praise the LORD for our interpreters!

Speaking of interpreters, we met them tonight at supper and then had interpreters 101 class.

Well, praise God that all of us are here and being prepared for the ministry He has for us. I am confident that He is with us, even while we are recovering from jet-lag. The first CI starts tomorrow night, so pray that we will make a lasting impression of God's love on everyone around us.

Nathan Petersheim

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