Thursday, January 27, 2011

CI and Change in My Life

Last year, I graduated from the high school and entered the university, majoring in physics. I was excited to being able to live outside our house and to start a new life. Otherwise, I was kind of happy to have a chance to go to a new place where no people know who you were and what your background was. I had always been a “good” Christian, which means I not only went to the church every week but was also the Christian leader of our school and the leader of all high school Christian leaders of Taoyuan County. I decided to be a “normal Christian”. So, I tried my best to avoid serving God both in the church and in the college while still acted like a good Christian in front of those who knew me before. Then it was time for me to decide whether I was going to CI or not. I finally made up my mind to come because one of the pastors I respect a lot told me that I should have changed my attitude toward serving God which caused me to notice how bad my attitude was and how horrible my relationship with God was. I considered CI a good chance to adjust my attitude.
Today is the second day of CI Kaoshiung, we had this skit about Saul and how his attitude changed that caused the death of himself and his men. I suddenly realized that I was kind of like Saul. Saul was the king of Israel chosen by God while I was a Christian leader in high school chosen by God, too. Saul tried to do things by himself and I tried to stay away from God’s words. The only difference between us was God left Saul due to the wrong decisions Saul made, and I made a decision to leave God. I was shocked and was kind of afraid. I mean, I wouldn’t want to die like that! So I prayed to God and asked him to forgive my wrong decisions.
Just like what Tim always reminds us” To be wholly committed and holy committed!”, we should always remember to pause for a few seconds and ask God weather we are having the right serving attitude or not.
Thanks God for bringing me here and taught me a such important lesson. Thanks God for giving me an awesome team leader Madelyn and awesome teammate Bethany. Thanks God for giving us 8 awesome, obedient kids. Thanks God for Saul and his miserable death. And thank God, I’m Asian.

Peter Chiang

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