Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CI 2011 is Here!

"Think of whatever you are doing as an adventure and watch your life change for the better."
-Wilfred A. Peterson

Today, with the team arriving in a few hours, begins the Children's Institutes for 2011! Excitement is brewing as the staff prepares, with no one having idle hands.

This is our adventure.

For the next 4 weeks our team of 32 plus a number of interpreters are setting off to see what God will do in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Yet we are not only looking at what He will do in these two countries but also in the lives of all on the team. We are looking for adventure, knowing we will find it. It is God that we trust as our guide, the One holding us close as we travel and learn.

As we take off on this journey, we are so grateful for your prayers!! It is an amazing gift when others pray for our team! Our schedule is packed so please pray for safe travel, health for our bodies, and that our minds and hearts will be ready for every twist and turn.

The seminars will take place:
Taipei from January 20-23
Kaohsiung from January 25-29
Hualien from January 31-February 2
Hong Kong from February 6-8
Hsinchu from February 9-12

We also are asking for prayers for the children we will be teaching. Right now we have 143 registered in Taipei, 82 in Kaohsiung, 75 in Hualien, 71 in Hong Kong and 59 in Hsinchu. Pray that the Lord will open their hearts to all we will be sharing and that He will pull them to Himself.

Thank you friends! We are so grateful for your prayers!

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