Sunday, January 23, 2011

Being Refined Through Suffering

Today we told the kids about suffering, it made me think of my life and reminded me of a lot. I spent a while trying to figure out, why is there was so much pain in my life? I'm the princess of heaven, I should't suffer from my schoolwork, the nonsensical teachers or something like that, I should only haveto play soccer, eat ice cream and use my Facebook everyday!

Why we suffer? God wants us to be happy, doesn't he?

I wanted to hold my future and control it by myself for I was afraid that my plan won't be as same as God's plan then my dreams wouldn't come true so I would become a dreamless person.

Trusting Jesus is the hardest and the easiest thing. One day, I suddenly decided to give the ownership of my future to God and offer it, because I knew if I want to be used I have to be empty. Removing th
e things that hurt the relationship between God and me, I quit my hip-hop dancing club and rock band at school, so my suffering started.

It was pretty painful to face the thing I didn't good at, especially math. To reduce my stress I spent more time with God and I did get closer to him.

I realized that the purpose of suffering is not only to draw me near to God but also to refine me more like Jesus.

Suffering is painful and filled with tears, but it's worthy because it
helped me to know that: Nothing is important but Jesus and abiding in him.

My God is so AWESOME!

Yvonne Chiang

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