Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Day of the Last CI

Church service at Kowloon International Baptist Church
– First time for a CI team to attend a church in HK other than ICIC (International Children’s Institute Church)

Vietnamese lunch take-out

Parent Presentation – Despite the huge room which seemed to swallow the low volume of the kids’ voices, I am proud of them for learning what they did of the 8 verses and 5 songs.

Despite being nervous that I would blank out during verses, I enjoyed standing on a chair on the balcony and doing hand-motions as big as possible without falling over the edge.

I find CI kids especially endearing and precious during Parent Presentation. Who couldn’t love 60+ children quoting the Bible in unison and singing the Aaronic blessing to you in Cantonese and English?

Class Reward – Our last story of this 2010 CI year. Done as a skit without narration and went overtime as became typical of large groups.

Farewell Party: Dinner – Pizza, ribs, and potato chips, back at our residence hall.

Surprise Christmas Theme – And yet, was it really any surprise? What could have been more natural?

Simon’s game – Involving rubber bands, packing peanuts, straws, string, and paper Christmas trees, this activity could potentially become the basis for the next reality TV game show.

Santa Claus contest – Scottie Haines as best Santa and Johnny Keller as best Santa’s campaign manager.

Farewell Party continued:

Singing contest – CI-themed parodies of Christmas songs. Much fun, humor, and lyrical brilliance. For the 2nd time tonight, Johnny Keller takes home the award for best version of “Go tell it on the Mountain to the Children.”

Last Wisdomsearch – Read the last chapter of John and completing the Gospel after a month of devotions in the book.

Last Worship time/Roll Call – Sharing and tears on lessons learned, difficult times, items of gratefulness, and experiencing God’s love.

Slideshow – Re-living the trip through over 400 snapshots of 4 cities.

Thank you team members for your part on this trip. Thank you family and friends at home for following our blog and praying for us (apologies for the absence of photos in HK. They’re getting caught up). Thank you God for everything you have taught us and for showing your love through the Taiwan/Hong Kong CI 2010.

Rachel Hung

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