Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lessons Learned

Today's opening is John 9. We talked about what we should see in our life. Because different people have different insights, and we need to make sure what God wants us to see. Don't waste any chance which God gives you to learn something important. All of us need to learn how to have the sight of Jesus.
Then we went to Tainan Assembly of God Church where Quinton's family and friends cooked for us! We ate a lot with a thankful heart. May our kind Lord bless them!

We always could learn something by teaching children. Today's lesson was Forgiveness and Suffering. The real freedom is to forgive people who displease you, and don't let your mind rise and fall for them again and again. Besides, everything has its own reason, we should believe that God controls all things even our thoughts. So we don't need to worry or doubt why God allows these to happen. It's very important because it's an easy way for us to deplete our energy.

In the end, we went into the large group room to pray. The night snack was Oreo with peanut butter. We had six more cookies, so people who answered the question could eat it. That made us so excited to win the Oreo! I remember when Jerry got the last one, and we all heard Johnny say "No, no, no…" as a joke. To our surprise, Jerry did give the last one to Johnny! Johnny was so happy that he started to use exaggerated actions and facial expressions to show how touched he was! That made us have a big laugh for a long time. LOL.

What a sharing and Thanksgiving heart it is! =)

Thank God for today!

All things have their own reason!

Carrie Liu

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