Friday, February 19, 2010

The Third Day of HK CI

(FIRST THIS IS MY 2ND TIME TO WRITE IT, AND ITS 2:13AM NOW, SO MIGHT HAS MANY MISSPELLING AND MISTAKES, SORRY FOR THAT, AND THANKS FOR CORRECT THEM)(I made it shorter this time, I'm not happy about it, it's not as good as the 1st time :-( but hopefully it still works)

Today is the 3rd day of HKCI 2010, there are 2 more days to go. Before I came to HK, I thought I'm ready for this, I have been looking for it since my winter break started, I thought I'm familiar with it from the experience I had last year, but I'm wrong. Everyday is new, everyday is different this year.

This morning was so cold!!!! Well at least for me it was, but I'm glad it did not rain as much as I thought. We start this cold cold day with wisdom search in John 19. Tim lead us to find out how did Jesus show Himself to people and how did people believe that was Jesus. I had never read the Bible this way, its new and good, got me to think deeper, and realized many things that I had missed out. Such as Jesus showed Himself in different ways which just fits that person. I gave thanks to the Lord for He is so caring. He knows exactly how we are and He always wants to help us to know Him more.

In the Interpreter's Training afternoon, God remind me again of His ownership. Rachel asked us to wrote down the most valuable (cost most) thing we own, and guess who wrote the paper. Everyone knows my paper, I think it's just too hard to not notice it, haha. Everything we have is came from God, and He controls it. So everything happen to them is in His control, even we will never wish anything bad happen to them, such as lost all the pictures in our computer since we usually don't print them out since we have digital pics, lost our love one (family, children) or our job... If thats not MY THING, but HIS Thing, then we will not feel that bad, even still would be sad. But this is easy to say than do, I can even hard to think about anything bad happen to my camera, I lost all my things in my computer once, I know how that feel. But again, everything is God's , He gives, He takes.

Something made me smile today was my new girl Renee who only understand Mandarin came last night, so I have to interpret to Mandarin to her in the large group, that made me enjoy the songs n stories less, but I'm glad she got to understand and enjoy more. In her first large group last night, she didn't want to listen to me, but the 2nd one with the very funny story Johnny and the guys played, she wanted to know what was going on,and today when I asked if she wanted me to help her, she said ok. In the story of the Very Special Book she asked me to tell her what the people said. Looking at her smile and laugh on her cute face, I know she is more relax and enjoy more and more, so dose her heart. I'm so touched and glad, its much better than I enjoy the time myself, I just hoping and praying for her that God will reach her heart in the CI even she can't fully understand everything. God has His own way.

Tomorrow will be a long day from 9am to 6pm. Since everyday is full of differences and surprises, I looking forward for tomorrow for even more unexpected things happen :-) Just keep your eyes, ears, hearts open, there is something new in the corner :-)

Shirley Guan

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