Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meditiations on my Second CI

Second time serving in CI; still, I felt nervous yet excited. Looking forward to seeing my kids, what they are like? What are their personalities? Will they like me? These questions kept stirring in my mind. Also, I know it's a good bonding time between God and me. I get to spend three weeks learning God's words and translating his message; besides, I love kids so much, I know it's a can't-miss opportunity.

Teacher training started in the afternoon after lunch, every lesson seemed so easy but weirdly, I felt like God was trying to teach me something. Freedom, authority, or responsibility, every lesson surely is a reminder for me. We taught kids that we need to be responsible for everything, but am I really acting like a role model? Am I really listening to the orders from my authority? We tend to just have a big talk but not actually doing it. I know its God's lesson for me, some principles which I've long forgotten already.

Seeing my kids so well-behaved, I felt joy in my heart. They are so cute and innocent; I couldn't help but smile at them all the time. I love being surrounded by little kids, they would pop out the most simple and craziest answer to your question or when the moment came, if they felt like swimming on the floor, they will, without hesitation.

I was sharing a childhood story with one of the kids about why I stopped going to church and never prayed to God again four years ago. "I even forgot how to pray and didn't know what to say to God." I said to her. "How can people don’t know what to say to God? He is so nice and He is our Father." She replied. Isn't she right? As an adult, for me personally, while making decisions or trying to do something or say something, I do get affected by worldly affairs or just simply think too much. For kids, they have a pure heart so that they can have a direct relationship with God. There is almost nothing may interfere their learning or understanding about God. I want to be like that, I want to love him and talk to him wholeheartedly.

Saying goodbye to them today, I couldn't really find words to express my feelings. What can I say, they are so adorable. One of my kids, Paul, a smart young little boy, is addicted to my camera. Before he left, he even asked me to develop those photos and send them to him. How cute is that!

All in all, I know we are here for a reason, teaching them God's words and hope they can become Christ-like. I sincerely hope they can remember the lessons we've taught, and maybe the seed planted in their heart might grow someday in the future. Anyway, I love serving in CI, God bless y'all. :-)

Helen Wu

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