Monday, February 8, 2010

First Experiences as a Teacher

Attending CI for the second or third time (I really forgot), I was excited and a little bit nervous. I was excited about the teachers I would meet, the kids I would teach, and the interpreting experience I would get for the very first time in my life; while I was nervous about the whole unpredictable week, because the last time I attended CI was eleven years ago when I was the youngest kid in my group! What challenge would God give me as I being an assistant this time?

After the enjoyable first day, I was truly thankful for God putting me in this institute and using me in the area of interpreting. The kids in my team are so lovely, and the teachers and I worked together so well. Besides, I learned special things from all of the staffs here.

It is the second day of CI in Taichung. I went back to Hsinchu early in the morning for a reunion with my fellowship friends in high school, so I missed both the devotion and the little food-trip my group took to a Japanese restaurant and Starbucks before the training in the afternoon. After the normal training, the lesson started. Today we taught about the character of self-control. In the first part, we used the parachute man as a metaphor for people who obey the authorities. When in the large group, the children were crazily excited about the skit of Mr. Moggie and Maggie. Seeing them laughing all over, it reminded me the precious of being pure and joyful. It is really amazing how children are so easy to be satisfied! In the second part, we told the kids about how God showed His authority in the story of Moses and the ten disasters upon Egypt. There was an episode in the skit that Johnny, who played the Pharaoh, broke a chair accidently, but it seemed to make the drama more exciting. As we went back to the small group, there were so many crafts left for us to do, but the kids were still energetic and eager to have them done.

Time passed by so fast that another day came to an end as we gathered around again for announcements and prayers. Although things are not always going so well, we could always thank God for being with us and guiding us all the time. Even if we cannot see now, I believe that the Lord will keep working in every child's heart. I enjoyed today as well and am looking forward to tomorrow--we're going to hang out in Taichung! :-)

Pearl Lin

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