Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out and About in Hong Kong

Today is our second day in Hong Kong & is also the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year. It’s quite different for me in Hong Kong. Because when we’re in Taiwan, I can understand both Mandarin and English but in Hong Kong people speak Cantonese and I can only guest what they are talking about... the other thing is the weather... is really cold now at Hong Kong.

Anyway we started this day with our wisdom search on John 17. After wisdom search we were having a delicious lunch- some Hong Kong DimSum which is really yummy at the nice restaurant. Some of the Americans had tried the chicken feet which was an interesting experience for them. Because of chinese new year I think almost all of the chinese restaurant in the mall is full! After having our lunch we took a bus to a place called Stanley which have a shopping mall/market on the mountain. We have a lot of fun bargaining & shoping over there.

After shopping we were having our dinner at the nice park/garden of Tsim Sha Tsui. It was really cool that we can enjoying the beautiful night scenery of Hong Kong city while we are eating. =) I was fascinated by the beautiful Hong Kong skyline after dark and took many pictures of it. We also went to the avenue of star! By the way we have a chance to watch the light show and it was awesome! Eventually, we ended our exciting and adventure-filled day by going back to sleep.

Thank you for reading it…. please keep praying for us that God will do many great things in and through us during our final seminar. Also, please continue to pray for spiritual strength and physical health for each of us. Have a nice day! =D

Eunice Pang

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