Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Could Ever Hope for a More Blessed and Exciting Day

After a long and restful night, we began our Wednesday morning with a wisdom search on John 8. Jerry, the leader of the wisdom search, became light-headed and fainted abruptly. Several minutes of drama and confusion filled the room. Soon after, Jerry was the shipped to the hospital to find out the real reason of this sudden episode of heavy light-headedness. Jerry has now returned to the team, but will still need continual prayer.

So, we then begun a walk to a scrumptious three course meal (all at different destinations) - noodles, winter-melon tea, and a famous miscellaneous Tainan restaurant. Trying the amazing and famous was a marvelous experience. As we walked around Tainan one can know that here is where a huge spiritual warfare is going on. Sadly, there are so many people here that are confused about their lives and are blind to the real true. You cannot walk down a street that does not have a temple of some kind: one that draws others away from the One True God.

Then we headed off to a nearby field to play some ultimate Frisbee and soccer. It was wonderful being able to spend time in the bright sun and fresh air! Dripping in sweat and dirt, we hurried back to the hotel to prepare ourselves for the fun-filled evening of CI's. Not only do we have to prepare ourselves but most importantly our hearts. Christ must be first in our live to fully work for Him and Him alone.

Arriving at the church, we immediately began to prepare for the evenings lessons and crafts. The character quality for tonight was Responsibility: and the children thoroughly enjoyed the little skit that demonstrated the fact that hiding a sin, even a little one, can have a huge conscience. Also one of the points that was taught to the children was Taking Thoughts Captive.

I am really looking forward to having a blessed and exciting day tomorrow, after a goodnights rest. :-)

Scottie Haines

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