Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hi! Here It is...

Yeah!!! Today is my day to write! Now what should I say?! Actually today while we were waiting for our bus to come and take us to a shopping tourist spot, we (a "certain" group of us CI people) were standing outside a little pet store looking and the CUTE puppies in the window, and watching them… enjoy... life, we turned and wondered who was going to write the blog for today because the puppies were so memorable. So I found it quite funny that I was chosen to write about today... continuing on~~

The Bus arrived soon and 30-something seminar people loaded onto it, but sadly about 6 people had to stay behind either because of sickness or just to rest to be ready for tonight. The ride lasted a short 15 minutes before we arrived at the entrance to every shoppers dream place. There was a mall made of 3 buildings of 11 stories plus streets and streets of brand-named stores and small local shops selling everything you can imagine, except flip-flops Eunice, Jane and I found out! But that is another story... the one thing that made this area stand out was the mall and what made that mall stand out from the other shops was it's... washrooms!! You know that each floor of a mall will normally have at least 1 bathroom but this mall decide to be more creative.... each floor not only has a WC but each one is completely different! At least that is what we had all heard. My friend went to see and tried to find the one on the floor we were on. When she came back we were eager to hear if what we had heard was true, and the first floor's bathroom looks....normal! To our dismay! So of course we went up to another floor with the hope of finding the promised decorative washrooms. To make the story short(er), this bathroom was very different from any we or you have probably ever seen.

After our morning of shopping, we headed back to the Hotel so we could change into dress clothes, freshen up, and for some, take a short rest... then we started walking to the school where we are teaching the CI this week. Once there time flies very quickly until the Kids arrive and the night begins. Each night that we teach the children; we, the teachers, learn many if not more things than the kids. Teaching different aspects of life cause you to look into your own life and either seeing where you need to grow or praising God for what He has done already in your life.

Well, I should get some rest tonight and prepare for tomorrow!! Thanks for reading and keeping us in your prayers!!! 晚安!

Jessica Fitzpatrick

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