Monday, February 22, 2010

Goodbyes and Endings

Wow, where do I begin? The day started terribly early, or perhaps I should say the previous day ended horrible late. Our crazy Merry Christmas goodbye party did not end until 4am. Most of us still had packing and miscellaneous things to get done, so the average bedtime was 5am. We had to be out to meet the bus at 9:15.

The party was so much fun, we had a special time of sharing, but now it was time to start saying goodbye. Although we were all dog tired, few slept on the way to the airport. Most of us were flying back to Taiwan, then home the next day. But we were leaving some in Hong Kong.

I believe that goodbyes are the most difficult things on earth. I hate them, especially when I don’t know if I will ever see the people again. But although I hate them and they hurt, I wouldn't trade them for anything. We have been a team for a whole month. We have been together almost 24/7. We have worked and played together, cried and laughed together, grown and experienced together. It feels like a close family. I know many of these people in a deeper way than friends I have know for years. And now we had to say goodbye.

Needless to say it was a difficult day. But we made it back to Taiwan, and to our rooms for the very last night. We packed, talked, and reminisced. Our last meal together was a feast of traditional dishes. It was so enjoyable, though we were all trying not to think about leaving. Of course we stayed up late again. No one wanted to go to bed, but we all ended up caving in to irresistible sleep.

Taiwan holds a special place in my heart. Each team member holds a special place in my heart. This trip has been amazing and life changing. In a way I don't want it to end. But all things must come to an end. The challenge now is to return to 'normal' life. I want to hold onto the lessons I have learned, I want to be changed and not just revert to my pre-trip self. But I also have to live my everyday life. It is quite difficult to say the least. I just keep on trusting my Lord, and thank Him so much for allowing me to experience the Taiwan CI trip in 2010.

Jeanie Mendenhall

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