Monday, February 15, 2010

Going to Hong Kong!

We are going to Hong Kong today and we can only have one checked bag instead of two. Also it can’t weigh over 20kg, so the day started by saying goodbye to all our excess luggage, it’s amazing how much I brought that I don’t really need. It will wait safely for us in Taipei at the IBLP office.

Now it was off to see the Chiang Kai Shek memorial. The changing off the guard was defiantly the highlight of this adventure. I don’t see how the guards can stand so motionless. You would think they were statues, for an hour at a time!! The museum under the memorial was also a point of interest.

Now it was time to say good bye for real. Yvonne, and Peter came to the Airport to see us off. It was really nice to have their company but hard to say good bye. Well, before you know it here we are in Hong Kong, ready for our last week of CI’s. One other thing, I knew I shouldn’t have left my coat in Taipei.

Timothy Allison

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