Monday, February 1, 2010

Do you really love the kids?

Today is the first day we started CI in Tainan. I thought it is easier for me because I can teach in Mandarin and we have fewer kids in our team than in Taipei. But it is completely different than what I thought. I think this is the most crazy CI night I ever had.

I have 3 "super active" boys in my team. I had a hard time to get their attention and control the class. Because they fought with each other and went all around, so I have to chase them.

I felt that God is asking me, "Do you really mean what you thought last week?" And I know that God is teaching me to love people even they are not perfect, to trust in Him and not myself and to rejoice in the Lord always no matter how the circumstances are.

Suffering didn't make me feel good, but I made me come close to God.

Jane Pang

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