Friday, February 12, 2010

Finishing Strong!!!!

Well today was another day. Today was our sports day. We played ultimate Frisbee and soccer. It rained today which made playing soccer very fun and wet. We were able to finish another CI successfully today. Praise the Lord!!!!!

This week I was a team leader and David, my brother, was my assistant. I really enjoyed this CI. It was not my favorite, because you are not supposed to have favorites. But if I had to pick one that I liked the best so far, it would be here in Taichung. My kids this week were so good and they really enjoyed the CI.

Tonight we are packing up our things so that we can leave in the morning, to go back to Taipei for Chinese New Year. A lot of the team members have been getting sick. But we are all praying the Lord will give us the strength to finish strong.

At times it’s really easy to be lazy in our lesson planning or just whatever. But laziness is a sin, so I am trying to pray for the strength I need to make it through without being lazy. Because I know that I cannot finish without Him. At the end of this trip I want to be able to say that I finished strong and depended on Christ throughout the whole trip. Even though we will have hard times, we still need to trust in Him. Because Jesus said that we are going to have trouble, but we need to take heart because He has overcome the word.

In His name,

Grace Lukachick

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