Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taipei 101

Today was a really great day!

I am finally over jet lag and am now able to enjoy my time here without having this sick feeling in my stomach. Looking over the events of today, it's pretty amazing to see all the activities you can pack into one day.

It all started with a great devotion on the fourth chapter of John, than it was off to the Taipei 101. After having a scrumptious bowl of rice in the food court of the Taipei 101, I headed to Starbucks to get my heart’s desire - a mocha java chip. Mmmmm!! After doing so, I headed off to the top of one of the worlds tallest skyscrapers in the fastest elevator. Pretty cool!

It was really incredible looking onto Taipei at that height; seeing so much of the vast mountains that surround the city, made me fill really small. It got me contemplating on the fact that this same God, who created all this was interested in me, in every thing I did and was taking care of me. To think that the very same person who holds the world together holds me in that same hand. Why would I need to worry or to fear of the small insignificant obstacles in my life?

So after leaving, we went to our long anticipated Chinese lesson. Then it was time to start preparing for the fun filled, action packed CI night. We finished all of the craft prep work and my lesson planning a little early, so it gave us time to pray for the Lord’s help throughout the evening. The children started to arrive and the night was underway. The lessons were on responsibility and bringing every thought captive. We were expecting there to be some distraction going on but the Lord was faithful and they were calm as David held their attention with a captivating story. In large group, there was a hilarious skit that was designed to teach the children about the importance of truthfulness. The night came to an end as parents started to arrive. We finished cleaning up and walked outside to the sweet smell of a rain shower.

I'm looking forward to another awesome day tomorrow only after a goodnight sleep. :-)

Grace Miller

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