Sunday, January 31, 2010

On our Tainan!!!

I woke with a start. What time was it? I rolled over and looked at my phone (alarm). The battery had died during the night. I looked around for a clock. It was 8:05am; I had planned to get up by 7:00am. This would give me plenty of time to get a coffee and my favorite breakfast before we left for church. My plans were crushed! Instead, I jumped in the shower and proceeded to get ready for church.

After church, we returned to the hotel to gather our luggage and wait for the hired bus to arrive. The bus driver was late so in no time a soccer ball and football appeared and the fun began in the Cul-de-sac in front of the hotel. After we were sufficiently hot and sweaty the bus arrived and we had to load all the luggage on the bus. After this momentous task was accomplished we were on our way.

On the bus ride I got the opportunity to be a flight assistant of sorts… rather a bus assistant. I ran up and down the aisle fetching people their sugar, tea and food. It was fun! I am considering pursuing a new career as a flight attendant. =D

After we arrived, dropped off our luggage at the hotel, we visited a nearby night market. This night market is known for their famously good food. They had some very amazing foods at this night market. One food that I tried was an oyster omelet. It was very delicious! I also tried a food called the coffin bread; it is basically corn, peas, carrots, green beans, and pork with white sauce inside a piece of toast. It was quite yummy as well.

After settling into the hotel room and retiring for the night, I was filled with anticipation for this upcoming seminar in Tainan! It will be good to see what God will do.

Jerry Simpson

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