Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Journey Starts with Faith

It just started!

We began our day with studying the book of John, chapter 2. It's about the first miracle Jesus did in Cana, how He waited until the night time and prepared the great wine on the wedding. Just like our lives, we wait for the time to come and prepare our selves until the coming of CI, holy and wholly committed in serving these children around us in Taiwan.

Tonight we taught the principle of design, the wonderful and amazing principle that we are made in His will and are able to get together even we are from different cultures and places; but we know that we are serving the same God, who created us, calling us to know Him more each day.

That needs a step of faith, too. Like father Abraham, leaving the familiar places and choose to follow God even when he didn't know where to go. We also need to learn to follow God even we sometimes do not know the design God has put in our lives, and we still can take a step of faith but we know He already has a plan for each one of us.

Just like the words on the craft: design reveals His goodness.

This year we are going to learn the blessings of God, how He gave His rich blessings through His principles. And I know we are learning, and it is going to be a wonderful and amazing journey.

Angel Liao

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