Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Left My Heart in Hong Kong...

I just couldn't believe that IT'S OVER now!!!

The CI team has been here for almost a week, and it's been an amazing week. Taking the teachers and staff to one of the outline islands, praying with them, serving with them, seeing how God works in the children's lives... No wonder there's a Cantonese saying goes like this, "Happy moment flies!" (快樂的時光過得特別快). As a co-host and stage interpreter here in Hong Kong, it's my greatest pleasure to work with this bunch of awesome people. They all have a servant heart, a love for the kids. They never complain about the food, nor ask for spacious room. I can always see a smile hanging on their face after a long day teaching the kids. It's really my honor to serve the Lord with these awesome people!

Moments with the kids are flashing back on my mind. The kids are all so precious in God's eyes. I'm touched by the love of the Lord. I feel the immense love of our Father when I see how the kids get to know Him more here and how some of them were changed here. I'm so grateful that I can be used by the Lord in such a way.

It's the last day of CI. I know we all gonna miss the kids. But I'm praying that our loving Father, who is Jehovah Raah, would watch over them wherever they go, and that the kids would follow the Shepherd all the days of their life.

It's over for me here, but the teachers and the staff are heading to Taipei tomorrow and continue their journey of sharing God's love with the kids. Please keep them in prayers. It'd mean so much to them. =)

Ada Leung
(HK Stage Interpreter)


Hannah Ruth said...

Hey! Finally I was able to get into this blog! yeah! thanks for your post, Ada! I'd have loved to be there...