Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Homeschooling-- Here and There

Today, we got to do something very special.... we met the Joshua Students! Joshua Students are a group of homeschooled children in Taiwan. Homeschooling is not very popular in Taiwan and education is very important here, so this group is being very courageous to introduce a whole country to the homeschooling system.


These students came and will be spending the next few days with us. This afternoon, David Lukachick had all of us play some games to introduce us to one other and then to help us remember their names. So first, we were divided into 2 groups, each group having a mix of American teachers and Joshua Students. Then we, stood in a circle and said our names as well as one adjective that started with the same letter as our names, for example, my name is Jessica and my adjective is Joyful. But wait... that's not all we had to do... oh no, that would be too easy... :) The 1st person would say his adjective and name, and the 2nd person would have to say the 1st persons name and adjective as well as her own name and adjective, then person 3 had to say person 1 and 2's names and adjectives as well as his.... etc. .. all the way around the circle. I felt kind of bad for the last person who has to remember everyone's names and adjectives!! It was a lot of fun... and a lot of creative people. By the time both groups have finished, we knew each other much better.

Now that we had learned everyone's name, we played the game. One person was given a paper baton was told to tap anyone person in their circle with it. There was a catch though, when the person with the baton was coming to tap you, if you said your name and another person's name before you were hit, the baton would be directed to the person whose name you said. The person with the baton had to remember which name belonged to whom. Now, if you did not say the names fast enough, you would be tagged, and you would be the person with the baton, out to tap the next person.... only if you were faster then the minds of your team players!! This game proved full of lots of fun and laughs!!

I really enjoy getting to know the Joshua Students and look forward to working more with them and spending more time with this incredible group!!!

But for now....
Zai jian ~ Good Bye

Jessica Fitzpatrick