Thursday, February 5, 2009

For Each Day

We started this day with wisdom search: Does God show in some place than others if He is the all-knowing, omnipresent and unlimited God? Hmmm…. That is quite interesting; we discussed it and had a debating, and had an encouragement keeping this in mind. But I hope God will show Himself to us, in this seminar.

After wisdom search we went to a Thai food restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal. Sitting together with long tables, tasting each new dish, oh, of course, practicing how to use chopsticks, we had to say….we love this wonderful Asian experience!
Then we left for the very famous tour site: Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, having the group picture… Even the sky was full of clouds, with little rain, but it could not stopping us appreciating the beauty of Chinese culture, and enjoy this outgoing day. Also we took a shop at Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center, where made us bring quite much stuff, very happy!

Tonight we taught about the name of God: El Roi to children again, teaching them the power of God, how He watches us in our daily life, how He keeps us and how we should be responsible for ourselves, and build the truth in our life, making our foundation strong in our holy God. And that is also a lesson for us, reminding that our God is with us all the time, being the securely reliance for us. Just because of His wonderful name El Roi, we are able to give our all to Him, letting the work of God be accomplished; we are be able to go through every day, knowing there is the hope for us, for these children, for this seminar, for this country, for tomorrow.

This is what I know and learned from His names just for me.

Angel Liao