Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Two Cities

My day began as any good day should, with extra sleep. The night before I had packed and repacked, so after the much needed rest, I thought the third time might be the charm. Afterward I made my way down to our group wisdom search, which was led by our fearless leader Tim Chen. He shared with us his thoughts about God as Jehovah before splitting us into smaller groups for more in-depth study.

Since this was our last free day in Taipei, we decided to catch not only our breaths, but some of the sights of the city as well. Our adventure began with a thrilling MRT ride and less then thrilling walk, when at last we reached our destination; Taipei 101! Having mastered the streets of Taiwan, the conquering heroes (as I like to think of myself) greatly anticipated our hard earned reward of lunch. Personally, I went straight for the fried rice and noodles. I followed that with the most delicious strawberry smoothie. It was made from fresh strawberries and needless to say I will probably be having sweet dreams about that smoothie for quite some time, but I digress.

Our stomachs were full and our minds were ready for more action. So, we did what any normal group of tourists would do in the world's tallest building... (pause for dramatic effect)...went looking for the basement! Going to the lowest point in the tallest building is not for the faint of heart, but we were not daunted by such obstacles.

A few minutes, a lot of laughs, and some memorable pictures later we rushed back to the hotel. We loaded up the bus and said our momentary goodbyes to that amazing city. At the airport we regrouped with Simon, Tiffany, and Angel. While mentally preparing for the flight, my nose kindly informed me of a nearby Subway restaurant. A sub sandwich and cookies had never tasted so good.

We arrived in Hong Kong and got a few glimpses of the city on our bus ride to the hostel. Once there we got our roommate assignments. For the third straight time David and I were roommates; this time joined by Simon. Tired and happy it is time to turn in. I can't wait for all that God has planned for us tomorrow.

Skyler Davenport