Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Tropical Winter Day

I have loved so many things about this trip that it would be impossible to pick a favorite. But so far, today has held the most surprises. Following yet another amazing breakfast, Tim led us in a Wisdom Search that I found particularly applicable to my life. But that can be saved for another blog.

After Wisdom Search, it was time to depart for the much anticipated beach trip. We boarded a shuttle decked to the nines in blue t-shirts and flip flops. A short ride later, we were at the ferry on our way to the island of Chijing. After disembarking, Tim led the way to a seafood restaurant where you could see your food laid out on the tables before you went in. I made a decision to eat at least one of everything that was served. The first course was shrimp, which, when shelled, was very good. You will have to ask Skyler how they taste with the shell… Typically you are supposed to bite off the head, but one of our interpreters assured me that eating the head was quite normal and proceeded to prove to me that he thought it was. So I followed his example. It really wasn’t too bad. Although I can’t really say I have had worse. The next few courses consisted of squid, minnow, clam, fish, fried oyster, and fried fish. All were in their original form with the exception of the fried foods and even the fried fish had eyes that watched us.

After stuffing ourselves, we walked to the beach. The first thing I thought of was all of my friends and family in PA who were walking around in snow and ice while I was burying my feet in the hot sand. The next hour or so consisted of jumping, running, wading, and dropping people in the water, all of which provided many moments of mirth. For the rest of the afternoon, we perused the shops and drank milk tea. After gathering up the rest of our blue-clad friends, we boarded the ferry and returned to Kaohsiung.

We arrived to the church with not much time to prepare but miraculously had written our lessons, prepared our crafts, and were closing in prayer just as the first of our kids began to arrive. The night also held a few surprises for me. I made friends with one of the children who we had prayed for the night before and the one guy on our team who seemed to have trouble adjusting began to come out of his shell. All in all it proved to be a most exciting day. Just one of many that we have had and will have in the weeks to come!

David Rowe


Nathaniel Wise said...

Ummm... Yeah. I am supremely jealous of the whole "I'm at the beach and my Pennsylvanian friends are sitting at home where it's -4 degrees Fahrenheit." Although I shouldn't complain, as I was in South Carolina last week, where the temperature (16 degrees) was considered balmy as compared to the temperature in PA. -19 (!) degrees. Yikes.

rowesbud said...

Your picture looks so cool! It looks like you are charging your moosu power for an incredible radial attack that knocks all enemies back 10 ft. x level of skill and does blunt damage to undead!

Kathleen said...

Dear David,
Hello from the W's. Although we are thrilled for you to be on this trip, PA is not the same without you! Heard your team was having health problems, hopefully they are resolving quickly.Just so you know,I've been waiting to hear that blog on the Wisdom Search that applied particularly to YOU! You can't get away w/o sharing that! Also I have to say you were awful brave to eat sea creatures w/eyes still in tact! By the way, you look great in all your pics. We will continue to pray God blesses your time and your team. All our love, Mrs.W PS You must blog again!(by the way, I recognized your blog before I even saw your signature at the end, I think it was your use of the word mirth that gave you away ! :) )

Jessica said...

I totally think that your picture should stay, David .... it is so you!!